True deflationary yield farming. Supreme NFTs.

In a world of endless scams, rug pulls and unrealistic yield farming, BooBanker has arrived to reanimate the hopeful spirit of de-fi enthusiasts. Don’t be scurred, we won’t ghost ya.

To ensure the validity of the project and garner trust from the community,

I know, it’s a mouthful.

Introducing the first game of our Booming Boobs experimental “casino”:
The Boottery!!!

The Boottery is essentially a lotto, but which gives better odds to those loyal boomers who have stacked up some ghastly cool NFTs. As the first rollout of our planned development to enhance…

Announcing the Grand Opening of BooBanker NFT store!!!

Gentleman Ghost

This Friday, 10.30.20 @ 5 pm UTC, we will be releasing our first minted NFTs for sale in our very own BooBanker shop. All NFTs will be payable with $BOOB or $ECTO only.

The items in store will include, but not be limited to:

  • Music tracks, digital audio clips, exclusive…


BooBanker CN

在一个充满无休止的骗局、扯后腿和不切实际的流动性挖矿的世界中,BooBanker的降临是旨在重振去中心化金融爱好者的希望。 别着急,我们不会骗你。


在BooBanker(非实际银行),我们相信创建高收益的tokenomic游戏,这些游戏通过流动性挖矿代币创造价值。 $ BOOB和$ ECTO游戏化代币在我们的生态系统中可用于购买高价值NFT及其他物品



软上限/硬上限: 5万枚代币。


· 烧毁率:最初为4.5%,第3周为3.5%,随着发放量的减少而减少。

· 发放时间表:(使用每周平均46523个块计算)

· 第1周–每块0.5000 BOOB; 4.5%烧毁

· 第2周–每块0.2500 BOOB; 4.0%烧毁

· 第3周–每块0.1250 BOOB;烧伤3.5%

· 第4周–每块0.0625 BOOB; 3.5%烧毁

· 在第4周后,发放量会自动调整为保持约5万枚令牌,大约烧毁3.5%

Halloween approaches as $BOOBs grow from the digital ether. Farmers work hard, tending to their plump pumpkins. But something smells foul… rotten even….

Boomer searches for his lost $BOOB among his farm. It's been days now and still no sign of his beloved token. But even the bitter cold and…


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