It’s that time of year…

Halloween approaches as $BOOBs grow from the digital ether. Farmers work hard, tending to their plump pumpkins. But something smells foul… rotten even….

Boomer searches for his lost $BOOB among his farm. It's been days now and still no sign of his beloved token. But even the bitter cold and spooky twilight sounds can’t keep Boomer from his $BOOB. Then suddenly, his beloved returns…but, it has turned…



In honor of Halloween, we made the most ghoulish of high-yield farms. For a limited time, Boomers and Rotters can stake their cherished tokens in a special $BOOB-$ROT farming pool for surprising $BOOB gains.

**$BOOB-$ROT pool with be added Tuesday, Oct. 27th @ 17:00 UTC.

At that time, the emission percentage relative to other farms will be adjusted as follows:

  • $BOOB-$ETH — 40%
  • $ECTO-$ETH — 25%
  • $BOOB-$ECTO— 20%
  • $ROT-$BOOB — 15%

We hope you all jump into the madness that is the perfect horror show of our two favorite tokens and this year’s most larped halloween costume: ROTTEN BOOBs.
Farm with care frens. These boobies bite.

Looking forward

It’s been a wild and spectacular week. Thank you to our early adopters and to all the Boomers who’ve grown BooBanker into the amazing community it is today. It would not have been possible without you. You have our thanks and appreciation.

We’ve got some exciting surprises in development here at BooBanker. Here’s a nifty graph to show you all where our heads are at.

Supreme NFTS
Being a memeable gamification token, our first major development lies in the creation of a BooBanker NFT ecosystem where $BOOB and $ECTO holders can use their tokens to trade for the most glorious of non-fungible tokens.

Albums, animation clips, illustrated memelore and more… nothing can stop a Boomer with some boob.

We have begun commissioning artists to create some real neat NFTs that we are sure will surprise and delight you. If you have a unique concept for NFT art, please DM us on Twitter @Boobank.

Rotating Pools
Every few weeks or so we aim to add a new community pool as we will do with $ROT-$BOOB. The goal is to enhance our offerings to our loyal Boomers as well as bring awareness to coins we love and their ecosystems. Please feel free to bring us your ideas on what coins to add to our pools.

The Booming Boobs — up your game;)
Game theory is in our blood, coursing through our chest and perking us right up at the mention of a new game to master. That’s why we are developing a way for you to maximize and grow your stacked boobies (and ecto, naturally), IF you’re up for the risk and challenge. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, we can’t give you much more details but just know you are in for a real treat;)

Twitter: BooBanker

Disclaimer: $BOOB & $ECTO tokens are experimental and have no inherent value. Before you purchase $BOOB or $ECTO tokens, you must ensure that the nature, complexity, and risks inherent in the trading of cryptocurrency are suitable for your level of financial risk. BooBanker is an experimental game that is not intended as an investment. None of the published content is in any way financial advice and you assume the full responsibility of any financial loss that you may incur. By interacting with this game, you affirm that you have read and agree to these terms, and will not hold BooBanker or its partners liable for any kind of loss, monetary or otherwise. The products and services presented on this website may only be purchased in jurisdictions where such experimental games are legal.

Just to be clear:
- we are not a bank
- we are not affiliated with Nintendo
- this is a game