True deflationary yield farming. Supreme NFTs.

Come, get your fill of $BOOB.

In a world of endless scams, rug pulls and unrealistic yield farming, BooBanker has arrived to reanimate the hopeful spirit of de-fi enthusiasts. Don’t be scurred, we won’t ghost ya.

To ensure the validity of the project and garner trust from the community,

Here at BooBanker (not an actual bank) we believe in creating high-yield tokenomic games that serve in creating value through yield-farming tokens. $BOOB and $ECTO gamification tokens are used within our ecosystem to purchase high value NFTs and other goodies.

(more info under farming section)


Soft/Hard Cap: 50k tokens.

Initial liquidity locked: 10k tokens.

  • Burn rate: 4.5% at first to settle to 3.5% at week 3, reducing as emission is reduced.
  • Emission Schedule: (calculated using avg of 46523 blocks per week)
  • Week 1–0.5000 BOOB per block; 4.5% burn
  • Week 2–0.2500 BOOB per block; 4.0% burn
  • Week 3–0.1250 BOOB per block;3.5% burn
  • Week 4–0.0625 BOOB per block; 3.5% burn
  • After week 4 the emissions are automatically adjusted to stay around 50k tokens @ roughly 3.5% burn

We aim to keep a supply of around 50k tokens so emission will be adjusted as needed, always with an announcement of such changes and a 24-hour timelock. This will ensure a long-lasting, truly deflationary yield-farming project.

  • Per the mining contract, 1.0% of burnt tokens will be sent to a marketing fund. This marketing fund will provide means by which we can educate others on BooBank and will be used for, but not limited to, continuously growing our community as well as pay for artists, contests, adverts and much more. We believe this fund to be crucial to actively enhance our reach and awareness of BooBanker, which benefits every Boomer invested in the project.
    The marketing fund wallet will use a 3-way multisign so no one bad actor can heist coins.
  • *The remaining 2.5%-3.5% “burn” will be transformed into Ectoplasm ($ECTO), which will be instantly transferred into wallets and has uses as described at the end of the article. For every transaction, $ECTO will be burnt at the same rate as $BOOB.

Est. coins after 4 weeks:

10,000 + (46523*0.5*0.955) + (46523 *0.25*0.96) + (46523*0.125*0.965) + (46523*0.00625*0.965) = 49k

Boomer the Farmer


Farming will open 12 hours after uniswap listing. Early LP provider reward explained below.

Initial pools:

  1. $BOOB-$ETH
  2. $BOOB-$ECTO
  3. $ECTO-$ETH

With two pools to be announced day after launch, and more to be added as community requests and majority votes.

We will not have any stablecoin pairs as those that farm using stablecoin pairs only strip the communities of their tokens while offering nothing in return. By having all pools $BOOB or $ECTO invested, this ensures that those that want to profit from the BooBank ecosystem must first contribute to it by purchasing $BOOB or $ECTO, which burns tokens, and by staking them in uniswap for LPs thus providing liquidity to the community.

**Farming pools will launch 12 hours after Uniswap listing. Those that stake liquidity BEFORE farming launches will earn a 10% reward during the first two weeks of farming AND receive a very special NFT made specifically for our BooBank early adopters.
NOTE: removing any liquidity from the initial pre-launch stake during the first 2.5 weeks will result in a loss of the 10% reward. This is to ensure a stable price floor is realized and dumping is minimized.

$BOOB & $ECTO — future use cases

  • After week 4 (or before) NFTs will be available for sale and can only be purchased with a combination of ECTO and BOO (eg 1-BOOB & 5-ECTO).

Nfts can include tracks (audio), art, short series animations , literature, and literally anything else the community decides. We will have some thrillers on hand to release as well.

  • A gambling dapp is in discussion for the degens among us that will utilize the precious $ECTO (where jurisdictions allow).
  • Merch shop for BooBanker memelore and other treats, payable with $BOOB & $ECTO.
  • As a community-focused meme coin, we are open to any and all suggestions from the community, including regarding ECTO uses.

This is essentially a fork of sushiswap which has been audited in its entirety, with just a few lines of code that change this project into a truly deflationary economic gaming model. Still, we willl be conducting audits for this project in coming weeks.



Twitter: BooBanker

Disclaimer: $BOOB & $ECTO tokens are experimental and have no inherent value. Before you purchase $BOOB or $ECTO tokens, you must ensure that the nature, complexity, and risks inherent in the trading of cryptocurrency are suitable for your level of financial risk. BooBanker is an experimental game that is not intended as an investment. None of the published content is in any way financial advice and you assume the full responsibility of any financial loss that you may incur. By interacting with this game, you affirm that you have read and agree to these terms, and will not hold BooBanker or its partners liable for any kind of loss, monetary or otherwise. The products and services presented on this website may only be purchased in jurisdictions where such experimental games are legal.

Just to be clear:
- we are not a bank
- we are not affiliated with Nintendo
- this is a game